Troubleshoot PoE for APs

CCIEW – 2.4 Configure and Troubleshoot PoE for APs November 8, 2016ricbeeching N.B. All configurations are based off the lab build seen in the introduction post. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is standardised into the the original 802.3af standard that provides up to 15.5W of power and the 802.3at standard which caters for up to 25.5W or 30W depending on which articles you read (confusing). …

WLC Interface Guide

“management” Main-Interface that is bound to the physical interfaces. For the WLC 5520, the “management” interface lies on the installed 10 Gbit Ports “Port 1” and “Port 2”. When you activate the LAG function, all physical ports (except the yellow copper ports) will be bound to one LAG. Enabling or disabling the LAG option is only possible while your WLC …


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Network Performance for Commercial Buildings

Network Performance for Commercial Buildings | Anixter   Does your network keep up with the demands of the modern workforce? More than ever before, a high-performance structured cabling system plays an essential role in operating a smart building. Versatile physical layer connectivity guides the creation of an open system platform, where the right media selection and cabling topology will increase …


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